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"Confidence of our customers is invaluable for us. We know how to deserve it and how to keep it...."

Our advantages
Transportation services

We organize domestic and international transportation with due consideration of all characteristics of the cargo.

Customs clearance

Customs procedures play an important role in the delivery process. We are ready to offer comprehensive customs clearance of any cargo.

Warehousing services

Severtrans offers a wide range of operations required for storage, handling and delivery of goods to customers.

Мы оказываем полный спектр услуг по внешнему управлению складом.

Attracting and servicing of warehouse equipment Installing and maintaining a warehouse management system Inventory management
Optimization of warehouse processes Recruitment and training of staff Storage and all associated with these business processes
Delivery to the consumer

Operations on-site of one of Severtrans’ warehouses will help to avoid additional operational and organizational expenses and at the same time to promptly prepare your goods for distribution.

Group of CompaniesSevertrans

Today Severtrans Group of Companies is an association of logistic organizations each focused on their specific parts of the process. Severtrans consolidates their efforts to offer its customers a comprehensive rage of logistic services.

Managing company, logistics and transportation services.

Warehousing services (Temporary Storage Warehouse) (Certificate of inclusion in the Register of the Owners of Temporary Storage Warehouses
№ 10130/200111/10107/7 dated August 31, 2015)

Customs clearance (Certificate of inclusion in Registrar of Customs Brockers (Agents) without limitation of the scope of activities №0112/02
dated February 16, 2012)

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IT and telecommunication field has is own particularities and often require specific solutions in customers servicing.

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