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Cross-docking  it is a movement of goods directly throughout the warehouse without storage. Nowadays this operation gains popularity. Cross-docking also means loading of goods from one transport to another. The advantage of this type of operation is in possibility of 20-30% delivery cost reduction through elimination of expenses connected with warehousing. And also cutting time of delivery from supplier to final customer. It is of great importance in case of non-durable commodities trading and promotional offers servicing.

Special aspects of cross-docking:

  1. Necessity of permanent product demand analysis and clear forecast of storage passing dynamics (arrival-departure).
  2. Сross-docking is used for the goods that are ready for dispatch or requiring only negligible additional operations before dispatch.
  3. Without accurate traffic flow management cross-docking loses its effectiveness.

Unlike сross-docking, traditional movement of goods through the storage doesn't have strict requirements to trade flow. But such procedures require warehouse facilities, operational resources for order picking, dispatch, monitoring and other. This leads to additional expenses and time consumption.