Retail chains

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Retail market  rapid development makes this sector of economy a prioritized one. Business success of a company in this market relies heavily on the efficiency of streamlined logistical processes that provide delivery of needed commodities in the required quality and proper quality on time and at correct location with minimum expense.

It is practical to effect deliveries to different retail stores frequently and in small lots. Orders have to be picked and delivered  in time, because deficit of the goods at the shelves of a retail store leads to leak of customers and reduction in yield. Logistics of goods sold in pieces require great speed of processing as well as simultaneous exercise of a huge amount of operations at a limited area, professional qualification of personnel, special equipment and IT solutions.

Severtrans logistics company offers professional solutions for retail chains. These solutions are developed according to individual requests of our Clients and include the following:

  • Addressed storage system, recording by lots,
  • Control of sell-by dates,
  • Reporting in different item types,
  • Labeling, repackaging, creation of sets,
  • Cross-docking,
  • Intracity, inter-city and international  transportation,
  • Cargo insurance,
  • Customs clearance.

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