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VashBroker, LLC

To date, the Severtrans group of companies is an association of companies engaged in logistics.Each company has its own specialization.Consolidating efforts, LLC Severtrans LLC provides partners with a full range of logistics services.

LLC "GK" Severstrans "  — Management company, logistics, transport and expedition.

LLC "KV Terminal" — Warehouse services (CVC) (certificate of inclusion in the register of owners of temporary storage warehouses No. 10013/200111/10107/9 of 10.10.2021).Customs warehouse (certificate of inclusion in the register of owners of customs warehouses No. 10013/053/b dated 04/23/2021).

LLC "Your Broker" — customs clearance (certificate of inclusion in the register of customs brokers (representatives) without restriction of the scope No. 1360 dated 08.09.2021).

NKR Certificate LLC — Services for confirming the compliance of products with the requirements of the national standards of the Russian Federation and the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Advantages of working with us

  • Guaranteed high quality services
  • Flexible and open tariff policy
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Many years old and rich experience in the company
  • Reputation of a stable and reliable logistics operator

One of the key moments that favorably distinguish Severstrans from other companies,   working in this market segment is the provision of a full range of logistics services,   such as transport, customs cleaning and warehouse service.For each client an individual product is developed - a set of services prescribed from taking into account customer requirements.

Our logistics solutions, adapted and specially designed for specific   customer tasks, are the key to the effectiveness of business processes, the   costs and an effective tool for increasing the competitiveness of our customers.


The mission of our company is to effectively promote customer business, developing and improving your own business to provide a complex of logistics services.


Our main strategic goal is the development and growth of customers through high quality service, as well as the introduction of the latest technologies, which will minimize the costs of the client for logistics.Severtrans Group of Companies seeks to use its   competitive advantages for maintaining leadership positions in the market, business growth and improving its efficiency, as well as the further development of services with innovative high -tech processes for various market segments.

The structure of companies

VashBroker LLC is a part of Severtrans Group of Companies. The main service provided by VashBroker is the representation of interests of the customers dealing in foreign economy at the customs agencies of all levels.

VashBroker works with different groups of goods in the entire territory of Russian Federation and provides the full complex of services regarding customs clearance, certification and international freight traffic organization.

VashBroker efficiently and adequately represents and protects the client’s interests at the customer agencies controlling the entire process of customs clearance, provides legal support to the client at all stages and offers consulting on all matters related to the conformity of the company’s actions to the customs legislation in foreign commercial transactions.

VashBroker works with the goods and transactions of any difficulty and will always propose the optimal schemes of export and import transactions to the client and check the correct execution of the foreign commercial agreements from the point of view of the customs legislation.

VashBroker executes customs clearance within the shortest possible terms, guided by «to a day» principle.

Other principles of VashBroker LLC are the attractive prices with a flexible system of discounts and the high level of customer service.

VashBroker LLC provides the full range of the customs representation services, including:

  • Complex handling of the goods placed under the customs procedures;
  • Execution of a goods declaration;
  • Execution of a customs value declaration;
  • Execution of a temporary declaration;
  • Execution of a transit declaration;
  • Execution of customs value correction;
  • Execution of customs declaration correction;
  • Determination/check of the code in the Product Classifier for Foreign Economic Activities of the Customs Union;
  • Check of the set of documents required for customs clearance;
  • Representation of interests at the customs agencies;
  • Preliminary calculation of the customs charges;
  • Consultation regarding the full package of documents required for submission to the customs agencies to confirm the declared customs value (before filing and upon execution of the goods declaration);
  • Filing of the freight arrival notification to the customs agency;
  • Preliminary information about the incoming freights;
  • Preparation and execution of the customs fee payment security certificate;
  • Organization of transfer of the customs fees to the accounts of the customs agency or with the help of the customs card of the customs representative;
  • Completion of the transport documents (CMR, TIR, TTH, etc.);
  • Consulting on the matters of the customs legislation;
  • Organization of the transportation and forwarding services;
  • Including the organization of the loading and unloading services;
  • Allocation at temporary storage warehouses, etc.;
  • Arrangement of the documents delivery;
  • Clearance of the freights of natural persons under customs control.

Indicators and advantages of the company


year of the company's foundation


declarations per month

10 000

markings per day

more than 4000

shipments per month

more than 5000

customers are trusted

more than 100 000

EDI messages per year


  • We have been operating in the logistics market since 1995 and are a reliable and stable company for our customers;
  • We offer a wide range of warehouse, transport and customs logistics services. Offering effective solutions, we offer a high level of service;
  • Many years of experience in launching new projects from scratch and in the shortest possible time;
  • We use qualified personnel and a wide range of contractors, so we can offer an acceptable price level for our clients;
  • We work with clients from different market segments;
  • We work with non-standard projects;
  • We have extensive experience in organizing interfaces with the Customer’s IT systems.



commissioning of the Customs warehouse LLC «KV Terminal»


opening of a new site of 5500 sq.m. in a new class A warehouse complex located in close proximity to Sheremetyevo International Airport, in LOBNYA


opening of the new site of 5800 sq. m in the new «A-class» warehouse complex located in the immediate vicinity of Sheremetyevo International airport.


expansion of warehouse space in Moscow Region. Launch of the new 10,000 sq. m site at the warehouse complex «Atlant-Park» on Gorky highway.


start of operations at the third stage of the warehouse complex of class «A» on the Leningradskoe highway.


start of operations at the second stage of the «A-class» warehouse complex on the Leningradskoe highway, construction of the third stage.


start of operations of the «A-class» warehouse complex on the Leningradskoe highway, the construction of the second stage.


implementation of system of electronic declaration; the start of construction of the first modern «A-class» warehouse complex on the Leningradskoe highway


development and implementation of in-house automated system managerial and financial accounting of movement of goods and services; development of warehouse support system to inform the client on the most significant events in real-time.


foundation of the Company LLC «Vashbroker»


operational commissioning of a business centre (office block).


widening the scope of activities, organization of transport-forwarding company.


launch of the modern temporary storage warehouse LLC «KV Terminal».


start of activities, the establishment of TSW (temporary storage warehouse) and the provision of customs clearance services.