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Goods certification

  • Certificate of conformity of the Customs Union (of CU TR Certificate)
  • GOST R conformity certificates
  • Voluntary certification

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Goods declaration

This is a document proving the conformity of the goods specifications declared by the manufacturer to the requirements of the technical regulations and GOSTs.

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Exemption letters for customs

An exemption letter is an official document containing the information about a certain nomenclature of products or a list of goods not subject to mandatory certification or declaration.

Chamber of commerce and Industry acts

  • Certificate of goods origin CT1
  • A-form certificate of origin
  • General form certificate of origin/li>

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Fire safety certificate

This is a document proving that the certified products conform to the fire safety requirements.

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FSS notification

An FSS notification on the imports/exports of goods containing the cryptographic facilities.

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License of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce

The license of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce for imports/exports is a permit for the imports/exports of the goods, the free imports/exports of which are not permitted.

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Opinion of the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control

Independent identification examination of the goods and technologies for conformity to the control lists for the purposes of exports control for exports transactions and participation in international exhibitions.

Opinions of the Radio Frequency Center

In case of import of radio-electronic devices to Russia, a so-called opinion of the Radio Frequency Center (RFC) must be provided to the customs agency.

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Certificate of state registration

State registration of the goods is the mandatory procedure according to the requirements for the countries-members of the Eurasian Economic Union.

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Expert opinion

Expert opinion or health certificate confirms hygienic safety of goods.

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